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Climate Change and Tourism

Government Reports The following reports provide background on causes of Climate Change and the resulting changes to weather and the environment Garnaut Climate Change Review interim report – feb 08 Tourism and Climate Change a framework for action UNSW Climate Change Research Centre report on impacts facing tourism Perkins Report2010   Mitigation and Adaptation This …

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Community Sustainability

The Transition Town movement was set up in Australia in 2009 and provides links to like minded groups and planning and energy advice Transition Towns in Australia This is a great example of a region wide virtual community problem solving and resourcing great ideas to make Cornwall in England a more sustainable tourism destination. COAST …

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Cultural Heritage

  Finding your local heritage The share heritage of pastoral landscapes. Fascinating book that will help to resolve how to consider our country views and present it to the visitor. Shared History Search for cultural heritage listings for your community or region online at the NSW Heritage Branch and National Heritage places Many significant properties …

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Discover how to make your business more enviornmentally sustainable

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability for Business   Energy efficiency for small businesses New South Wales Government Sustainable Business resources Green Chrysalis is a research study by UTS on how small and medium sized businesses have used innovative techniques to reduce their carbon footprint Learn how to manage, report and then showcase your innovative best practice Responsible Reporting …

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Local Economic Development Through Tourism

  Improving the Value of Tourism to Communities Tourism is seen as an important potential contributor to local community’s prosperity. However, ‘Making Tourism Count’ involves applying a set of approaches that will maximises the opportunity through economic linkage. These guidelines, written for the Caribbean, are very applicable to rural Australia. Making Tourism Count for the …

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Bush fires are a serious threat to tourism destinations

Risk Management

Preparing your tourism business or destination from negative impacts requires careful planning and should form part of your business plan. Australia is particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events which in turn will increasingly put pressure on insurance terms and visitor choice. Safety is a key visitor decision making factor, so caring for your guests should …

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Small Tourism Business Planning

The NSW Government Small Business Planning tool kit provide guidance on preparing a business plan from market analysis and management to financial planning and an action plan  Tool Kit Australian Government business information sources for state businesses sites, ABN registration, grant funding, Indigenous Business, No-profit organisations and consumer rights The internet is accepted as a …

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Tourism market research for New South Wales including both domestic and international statistics and research reports. Destination New South Wales Short Breaks are a key type of holiday experience in Australia and have different consumer motives and behaviour than longer holidays.Read STCRC’s summary on Short Breaks Examples of successful tourism businesses and destinations in New …

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Bushfire Risk Resource

KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE To build a competitive tourism destination or business it is essential to plan for crises. The Tourism Industry Council and the International Centre for Responsible Tourism – Australia have created this Knowledge Exchange to assist you to prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from natural disasters, extreme weather events and their consequences like bushfires. …

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