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Our Responsibilities

Our environmental policy

We seek to be as gentle on the environment as possible, to share our responsible actions and to share knowledge. We are committed to continuously reducing our GHG Emissions and source the most efficient way of doing business

What are the real benefits of these policies for you?

  • Trust in our services because we are committed to minimising environmental impacts and publishing our results which are accountant verified and independently audited
  • We encourage visitors to use public transport and offer free transfer from Berry Station, offer Skype communication so you can act responsibly

We do not see our role as any less significant than larger bodies and have an environmental management system that seeks to continuously reduce our impact on the planet through:

Climate Change mitigation:

  • Purchase of 100% Green Renewable Energy and accredited firewood
  • Reduce use of energy through efficient lighting, insulation, equipment control
  • Minimise use of car, use E10 fuel
  • Contribute to our own audited conservation program that also makes a positive carbon sink
  • Provide students and clients an opportunity to contribute to a wildlife corridor and wetlands conservation

Resource Efficiency:

  • Offer Skype meetings
  • Provide digital documentation


  • For colleagues, suppliers and visitors through first aid training and committing to health and safety regulations

Care in what we buy:

  • Building fair partnerships with local operators and suppliers
  • Selecting ethical suppliers and Fair Trade products
  • For workshops and events we choose local produce and seeking closest source of manufacturer
  • Selecting products not over package and buy in bulk

Office management by:

  • Printing only on 100% recycle paper using biodegradable inks
  • Recycling ink cartridges
  • Operating an energy efficient computer system
  • Turning off appliances
  • Making use spoiled paper for notes

Managing waste by:

  • Ensuring our waste water systems are monitored and use recycled water for irrigation
  • Choosing reusable or recyclable packaging
  • Involve our visitors in recycling and food waste

Our Audit

List of Independently Verified Achievements will be prepared shortly to enable us to issue an Environmental Product Declaration. this will cover Scope 1, 2 and 3.

Social Responsibility Program

Provide in-kind and voluntary time equally a total of 65 days per annum with local community and region to improve their capacity for sustainability, conservation of cultural and natural heritage.