Behind closed doors – find out what guests consume in their accommodation

Do you know how much your guests actually can save, in energy and water, if you only knew how to ask?

Growing scientific evidence shows that the behaviour of guests staying at tourist accommodation can have a significant effect on the building’s overall energy/water use and carbon emissions. If only guests were approached and advised correctly in the first place owners/managers could achieve big savings, helping the bottom line and reducing carbon emissions. The ICRT Australia has supported six research papers, published in leading academic journals, which report on persuasive communication experiments involving guests. Using smart technologies the research show guests’ consumption in a way we have not been able to see before as their routines have until now been behind closed doors. What does it reveal? That guests can cut their consumption by up to 38%.  What does it require? A low cost comprehensive persuasive communication programme and monitoring system like My Green Butler. The ICRT Australia, as a partner in the UNEP Sustainable Tourism Programme, has now published two summary reports compiling key evidence to assist tourism, you can read them here. Demonstrating Resource Conservation to Governments & Private Sector Report 2 – FINAL Scientific Research Progress in Responsible Consumption Report 1 – FINAL