Sustainable tourism and Responsible Tourism in Australia are gaining momentum as policy makers and practitioners recognise the need to better funnel tourism’s economic contribution to local communities while also protecting the nation’s natural heritage which are also tourism’s primary assets. Australian conferences and workshops are listed here.

The cutting edge of tourism internationally has been for many years the focus on Responsible Practice. International events and conferences are also listed and provide an excellent source of information on best practice and case studies which could be applied in Australia.

ICRT – Australia has been running a series of workshops for tourism providers and regional tourism managers in Central New South Wales and is part of our commitment to share knowledge at a grass roots level to practically create better tourism.


Envirocities October 24-25 October 2016 The 6th International Conference on ‘Coastal Cities  Management: Challenges & Solutions to Climate Change’ to be held in Rabat Morocco. Organised by the Environmental Centre for Arab Towns in Dubai, this conference is organised in the framework of preparations for the city of Rabat to participate in the World Climate Summit …