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Envirocities October 24-25 October 2016

The 6th International Conference on ‘Coastal Cities  Management: Challenges & Solutions to Climate Change’ to be held in Rabat Morocco. Organised by the Environmental Centre for Arab Towns in Dubai, this conference is organised in the framework of preparations for the city of Rabat to participate in the World Climate Summit COP 22.


Sustainable Tourism in a Changing Climate, Morocco 2016

The UNEP and UNWTO are conducting a three day conference as a side event to COP22 in Marrakech on 10,11,12 November. Christopher Warren Director of the ICRT Australia will be contributing to the workshop events on the 12th November focusing on behaviour change. The ICRT Australia will also be sharing tools for the measurement of sustainable tourism, capacity building training techniques to empower men and women and advocacy techniques to make visitors more aware of tourism impacts with UNWTO, UNEP and other stakeholders. The ICRT Australia is an official partner in the UNEP/UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Programme.


13th  RTD

The 13th Responsible Tourism Conference in Destinations for 2017 will be announced shortly


World Travel Market – World Responsible Tourism Day 2016

The World Travel Market this year celebrates 20 years of Responsible Tourism and 10 years of World Responsible Tourism Day at the Excel Centre in London. At this year’s event will host the most comprehensive, search and thought provoking agenda on responsible tourism. The programme will explore how far the travel industry has embraced responsible …