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For Destination Management Planners

26 National Tourism Incident Communication Plan

The National Tourism Incident Communication Plan gives an overview about what happens during a crisis and who is responsible for what.

27 Crisis Communication Handbook

Tourism Victoria produced a Crisis Communication Plan for local and regional tourism organisations. Next to guidelines on communicating, this guide also includes case studies and checklists.


For Tourism Businesses

28 Business Continuity Plan Template

Tourism Queensland came up with this template of a business continuity plan which is an easy to use plan which simply needs to be filled in.

29 Bushfire Saftey for Bushwalkers

30 Bushfire Saftey for Travellers

31 Caravan and Camping Bushfire Saftey

The RFS produced these three leaflets for bushwalkers, travellers and campers to be safe during bushfire weather conditions.

Furthermore, always keep up to date with the RFS website on fires and weather conditions here