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For Destination Management Planners

`17 National Strategy for Disaster Resilience Community Engagement Framework

As the title already says, this guide provides advice on how to engage a community in emergency management.

18 Don’t Risk It for RTO’s

This guide is especially designed for Regional Tourism Organisations and will explain their role in risk management and what to do before, during and after a crisis.


For Tourism Businesses

19 Don’t Risk It for Tourism Businesses

The ‘Don’t Risk It’ guide is a practical guide for tourism businesses on how to prepare, respond and recover from a crisis. It includes templates on all stages for businesses.

20 Guidelines for museum for writing a disaster preparedness plan

Written by the Heritage Collection Council this guide is especially designed for small museums and provides guidelines on how to write a disaster preparedness plan.

21 Bushfire Survival Plan

This is a template of a Bushfire Survival Plan provided by the RFS. Every tourism business needs to fill it in. If you have smart phone you can also download an app:

22 Guide for communicating with people with disability

23 Quick Guide Communicating with people with disability

These two guides give some guidelines on how to communicate with people with disabilities in an emergency.

24 Factsheet on cancellations

‘Terms of Business’ recommendations for tourism businesses

25 Crisis Essentials Guide

This guide advises tourism businesses how to integrate crisis management in normal business operations.