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For Destination Management Planners

Encouraging bushfire preparedness

The ICRT Australia produced this report to illustrate a wider viewpoint for destination management planners on how to encourage the tourism industry to implement bushfire risk management. The recommendations are helpful for anyone who seeks to achieve this goal.

Evacuation Planning

This guide written by the RFS can help a business, organisation or community to prepare an evacuation plan.

For Tourism Businesses

9 and 10

 Bushfire protection Guide

Single Dwelling Guide

These two guides provided by the RFS explain in detail what you can do to prepare a property for bushfires.

11 – 15

RFS Festive Season

RFS Portable Outdoor Heaters


RFS Safe Boating

RFS Safe Camping

The RFS produced these leaflets on how to prevent the start of bushfires while being engaged in five leisure activities.

16 Fire Ready Kit

Tourism Victoria has published a recent guide for tourism businesses to assist them through the steps of bushfire prevention and preparedness