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Research & Advisory Resources

1 National Strategy for Disaster Resilience

The National Strategy of Disaster Resilience explains the concept of resilient communities and shared responsibility. This report is essential for every destination management planner.

Victorian Bushfire Recommendations

The 2009 Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission wrote a report including 67 recommendations which is valuable advice, learned from experience.

Royal Commission Recommendations

In 2012, the IPCC published two reports on managing extreme weather events one of which is the ‘Summary for Policymakers’. This report helps to get an understanding of the terminology around extreme weather and conditions and an overview of the issues one the climate changes.

Disaster risk management for destinations

The United Nations Environmental Programme dedicated one comprehensive report on disasters, tourism and risk management which is important for any destination planning in risk areas.

Case Study of Alpine Region bushfire impacts

Published by the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre this report is focused on the impacts of bushfires on tourism visitation.

Living with fires in National Parks

Even though this report of the Office for Environment and Heritage is focused on fires in National Parks it provides a valuable insight into the issues for the coming years and why fire management is increasingly important.