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Cultural Heritage

Tourism has a very positive part to play in the conservation and appreciation of Australia’s cultural heritage (Bathurst Courthouse – significant local landmarks tell a destination’s story, but they don’t have to be grand monuments)


Finding your local heritage

The share heritage of pastoral landscapes. Fascinating book that will help to resolve how to consider our country views and present it to the visitor. Shared History

Search for cultural heritage listings for your community or region online at the NSW Heritage Branch and National Heritage places

Many significant properties and landscapes have been recognised by the National Trust (Australia) NSW but are not listed on the state or national heritage list. You can contact them directly for natural and built heritage listings which explain why they are significant. They can also provide advice and further information and case examples (there may be a small charge involved).

Determining Heritage

What is Cultural Heritage? Read Avrami, E; Mason , R & de la Torre, M (2000) Values and Heritage Conservation Los Angeles, Getty Conservation Institute Retrieved January 2009

NSW Heritage Office explanation of how to assess Heritage Significance


Making your attraction stimulating for visitors involves interpreting the cultural values. Here is a good guide from UNESCO to help plan and make your interpretation programme interpretation manual

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage should be interpreted with direct local community involvement. This summary from the Respect Our Culture certification outlines best practice.

See Australian Aboriginal tourism experiences around the country for inspiration of what could be introduced in your region

Heritage Conservation Link

Convention Concerning the Protection of World Culture and Natural Heritage

Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage

Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage 2003

Federal Government – National Heritage Listing Kit

UNESCO – World Heritage