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Risk Management

Bush fires are a serious threat to tourism

Bush fires are a serious threat to tourism destinations. Your response demonstrates your level of commitment to visitor safety, an important factor in repeat visitation. Picture Cathy Dunn.

Preparing your tourism business or destination from negative impacts requires careful planning and should form part of your business plan. Australia is particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events which in turn will increasingly put pressure on insurance terms and visitor choice.

Safety is a key visitor decision making factor, so caring for your guests should form part of your overall commitment to hospitality.  Ensuring your visitors and community are safe will add to the long-term economic sustainability of your destination. The following links provide some examples of best practice and approach. The ICRT-Australia conducts rick management workshops for tourism providers and destinations and includes crisis management communication planning and the integration of tourism with emergency services.

Federal Government – Industry Resilience Working Group

Tourism Victoria – Planning to Manage Risk

Tourism Australia Corporate Plan 2013 – commitment to risk management

Tourism Queensland Resource Centre

Integration of Tourism and Emergency Management

UK Environment Agency response to flood and coastal erosion

Bush Fire Survival Plan for KVTA members

Bush Fire Planning NSW RFS

Terms of Business Information Sheet

Advice on Terms of Business

Other background references:

Example of a national risk management model for a country

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