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Occasional Papers
The ICRT Australia publishes Occasional Papers to assist in the development of more responsible tourism; Local Economic Development, conservation of cultural and natural heritage, consumer behaviour and marketing.

1. Building Tourism From The Bottom Up (2011) – paper discussing the benefits of developing product and conserving cultural identity from a local market perspective

Rural NSW needs a bottom (1)

2. Improving the Value of Tourism. The advantages of Responsible Tourism to the South Coast NSW (2012) – speech delivered to the Southern Councils Group

Improving the Value of Tourism (2)

3. Australian Tourism Statistics – a gap in information. Why there is a need to supplement existing statistics for Local Economic Development (2012) – paper summarising existing tourism statistics and demonstrating the need for precinct lead statistics to assist with tourism’s contribution to economic development in destinations

Tourism Statistics in Australia 3

4. Positive Constructiveness (August 2012) – Australians propensity to make pro-environmental holiday and accommodation choices select Responsible Accommodation

5. Encouraging Rural Tourism to embrace Bush Fire Risk Management through business and visitor improvement strategies (2013)

Bush Fire Risk Management & Tourism Product Development . Paper 5

6. Research evidence on how Aboriginal belief systems can help generate nature connection for non indigenous people

Tourist Accommodation breakdown in Australia

7. Summary report outlining the nature of tourist accommodation in Australia and its size

Saving Energy and Water at Tourist  Accommodation

8. Explanation of the  current shortfall in research data to enable tourist accommodation  to significantly save resources