The Opportunity for Responsible Accommodation in Australia

Providing guests eco-friendly accommodation appears to be moving to a commercial tipping point in Australia. New Roy Morgan Research states that 21.6% of Australians would like a “real eco-tourism experience” but their study found that only 1.1% had actually experienced one during their last trip. The report strongly recommends domestic destinations offer more “green-friendly” accommodation options.
Australia has tens of thousands of accommodation providers available online, most of whom would gladly choose a competitive point of difference which does not result in price cutting. However, | developing a greener business requires serious thought if it is going to be a long term proposition with integrity.
Crystal Creek Meadows has been focusing on eco-friendly accommodation since 2006 when it became accredited by Ecotourism Australia and has just published its Responsible Accommodation Report for 2014-15 which compares nine years of sustainability monitoring.
Efficiency Cuts
In addition to buying green energy and running a solar farm, the tourist accommodation business has managed to cut electricity consumption by 45% (between 2006-07 and 2014-15). Despite occupancy increasing during this time, electricity consumption by guest night has dropped by 55%. Responsible practices have also resulted in landfill declining by 63%. Overall the guest night CO2 footprint has fallen by 53% to 6.12 kg.
The Responsible Accommodation Report shows that continuous efficiency improvement reaches a point where progress becomes harder to achieve without the direct participation of guests. Introducing new green experiences that directly involve guests helps motivate them to conserve resources. Responsible activities planned well can have the added benefit of building a more distinctive experience and increase guest satisfaction, which can be further enhanced through Trip Advisor’s new Green Leaders programme (launched in Australia in April).