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Central NSW Tourism Product Development Newsletter 1

Creating your visitor experience – Newsletter 1

Welcome to the first edition in a series of newsletters which are part of the Central NSW Tourism training and product development programme. It has been sent to you as a participant of recently held workshops.

The aim of these newsletters is to offer you advice and information to help create more successful tourism. Below are news and information sources to assist you in thinking about new ideas for your business, community or destination. We hope you find the newsletters helpful. If you do not wish to receive to this newsletter you can unsubscribe at the bottom of this page.

New Tourism Trails that will help promote your business

Central NSW Tourism and the ICRT-Australia are now developing six tourism trails targeting the drive market, both the leisure visitor and visiting friends and family. The trails will promote the important and interesting natural and cultural heritage attractions of the region, many of these are of state or national significance. There will be six different themes targeting the different interests of visitors. As a participant to a previous workshop you will also be invited to attend the Tourism Trails presentation days where you can learn

  • about the trails and the selected tourism attractions
  • how to identify strategic partners who can help you build your business on the trails (many of these will  also be attending the sessions)
  • to develop creative ideas to create memorable visitor experiences (you can also use your ideas from the first Future Thinking workshop)
  • how to become a Tourism Trail partner (there is no cost to become a partner)

By participating in this presentation day you will then benefit from addition marketing from Central NSW Tourism. If you would like to attend one of the presentation days please write to Lucy White at [email protected]

Some of you are already developing your business plans and receiving mentoring from  Christopher Warren, director of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism-Australia. You will be able to dovetail your strategies with these Tourism Trails and provide strong visitor experiences..

The 100 Mile Diet will be integrated into the Tourism Trails to emphasis Local Distinctive values and enrich the visitor experience

Taste the freshness and difference – 100 Mile Diet

As part of the tourism trails, food and wine producers will also be showcased. Visitors will be encouraged to enjoy fresh local seasonal produce by selecting cafes/restaurants with local menus and buying from local markets. This is part of the 100 Mile Diet concept that has been promoted by the region in the past. By integrating the trails with these culinary features the overall experience will be heightened and help to promote the special differences of your region. So this is the time to look at what you are buying and consider what you might source locally and how you might promote this to your customers. Details of the 100 Mile Diet food and wine providers will be sent to you shortly. Remember buying locally helps to create a more distinctive visitor experience. It also means you are helping the local producers and the community as well.


You can ask Christopher a question by going to this online page Question and Answer. He will respond promptly to assist you with identifying information sources, providing marketing advice or help you plan your goals and how you might develop a new initiative. There is no cost for this service which will run the duration of this CNSWT project (funded by Destination New South Wales). Commercial confidentiality will be respected at all times.

Case Studies that demonstrate good visitor experiences

One of the great ways to consider new ideas for your business is to see what other successful small businesses are doing. Here are two excellent sources to read. They are two booklets written by Christopher’s colleagues in the UK for Visit England and Visit Wales. When you run a small business, ideas have to be affordable and they have to help make your business stand out. Look through the case studies and then ask yourself:

What are the local distinctive features of my area that are special?

What are my special skills/knowledge and how could I introduce these better into my business?

What simple extra features could I add to give the visitor a special experience?

Please write to Christopher, using the Q&A format if you want advice or to share ideas.

You can find the booklets here