UNWTO promotes Green Economy vision

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At the time of the Doha Climate Change Conference (November 2012) the UNWTO launched its paper ‘Tourism in the Green Economy’ which builds on the tourism chapter of the 2011 UNWTO/UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Green Economy Report. According to their findings investment of just 0.2% of global GDP per year between now and 2050 would allow the tourism sector to grow steadily over the coming decades, contributing to much-needed economic growth, employment and development while ensuring significant environmental benefits such as reductions in water consumption (18%), energy use (44%) and CO2 emissions (52%), as compared to a business as usual scenario.

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Besides the economic argument for tourism to adapt to more efficient technologies there is also the opportunity to meet increasing consumer desire to select eco-friendly options. This requires tourism providers to be transparent in their eco-friendly claims.

The UNWTO 1 Billion Tourist Opportunities shows the votes from tourists who signed up to their ‘One Billion Tourists Thunderclap!’