Vocation Education Training – Staff Delivering Sustainable Tourism Experiences

Customer need to play their part in sustainability and staff are the perfect partner to introduce them to new innovative methods

Sustainability is today on the agenda of the vast majority of transnational corporations and frequently for large, medium and even small sized travel and hospitality companies. For those making the transition to involve their customers directly they will need to train their staff to persuasively engage. Directly involving staff is a new innovative direct for many firms and matches changing societal trends:

  • 90% of shoppers said they are more likely to trust and be loyal to socially responsible companies (Moving Worlds.org)

Staff also expect their employers to strive for high socially responsible standards and want to participate:

  • 51% of employees say that helping “making a better world”  and making “a contribution to society” are essentials for their ideal job (Net Impact’s ‘What Workers Want’)
  • Over 90% female and 76% male Gen X and baby boomers “feel it is important to contribute to their community…through work” (Center for Talent Innovation)

To progress sustainable goals we, therefore, should now strongly engage with staff and customers.  Staff can directly encourage customers to choose more responsible options, apply adaptive behaviours to conserve resources, donate to charitable causes or community projects the firm supports, they can also select your recommended sustainable partners at the destinations. In the service industry, customers can co-create sustainable consumption.

Staff develop skills which can explain sustainability in an easy to understand engaging manner

Our training programme follows Australian Standards for Vocational Education Training to Certificate 3 level. It follows a skills delivery focus and assessed throughout. Participants who successfully pass receive a certificate of competency provided certified by the International Centre for Responsible Tourism – Australia. The training programme delivers the My Green Butler programme.

Each training programme is tailored to the firm’s own context and involves the tr

Participants learn how to present a firms sustainability programme and ask for their commitment

aining consult visiting the site(s) assessing the proposed customer experience and facilities and the expected role staff should play.  Participants are training in communicating responsible sustainable messages politely and persuasively, to convey the site(s) specific characteristics and desired conservation behaviours to save water, energy and reduce carbon emissions and waste. These operating standards, pro-environmental amenities, services, and systems are then integrated into the training so that it is 100% relevant to that specific firm’s sustainability experiences.


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